How To Stack Firewood In A Circle Like A Pro

Stacking firewood in a circle is an efficient and attractive way to store your winter fuel. Not only does it look great, but the circular shape also helps keep the wood dry while offering easy access.

Here’s how to stack firewood in a circle so you can enjoy a cozy winter around the fireplace.

Stacking Firewood

Step One: Choose Your Spot

The most important part of stacking firewood in a circle is finding the right spot. Make sure you choose somewhere level and away from trees or other potential sources of moisture.

You should also make sure that your chosen spot has enough flat ground for your entire stack, as this will help prevent any pieces of wood from toppling onto each other or shifting during storage. Once you’ve found your perfect spot, it’s time to begin building.

Step Two: Push a 12 – 14 inch Stake in the Middle

Stacking firewood in a circle is an efficient way to maximize space when storing your fuel for the winter. This method requires some planning and precision though.

You need to start by pushing a 12 or 14-inch stake into the ground at the center of where you would like the pile to be. This stake should be long enough so that at least 6 inches of the stake are sticking out of the ground.

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Step Three: Use a Rope As a Compass

Stacking firewood in a circular shape can be a difficult task, especially without the proper tools. Using a length of five foot long rope with a loop at one end as a compass is an easy way to achieve this feat.

Put the looped end of your rope over your stake, then work your way around it laying your firewood, always staying five feet away from the center point.

If done correctly, you should have determined where to put all ends of your first layer of firewood.

This simple and helpful technique is not only convenient but also allows for an orderly pile that is both practical and will look good as well.

Step Four: Build Up Your Firewood Stack

Once you have your first layer complete, start layering more logs on top of this foundation layer until you reach waist height (or higher if desired).

It’s important to remember that when stacking firewood in a circle, it’s important to stagger each layer slightly so that no gaps appear between them – this will help keep everything secure and provide plenty of airflow between layers for proper drying throughout the season.  

An important thing to bear in mind is when building up each layer, make sure to alternate between thick and skinny logs so that they don’t all fall off when they are bumped into during storage.

Step Five: Use Tarp Sheet

Finally, at the top layer (or several layers up depending on how tall you want your stack), place a tarp sheet to protect your firewood from the elements. This will help keep everything dry and in good condition, making it easier to use when you need it in the winter.

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You only need the tarp sheet to cover the top of your firewood stack to allow protection against moisture damage throughout storage.

It will also allow airflow in the areas beneath the sheet to help with drying and ensure that your firewood stays in good condition throughout the season.

The Benefits Of Stacking Firewood In A Circle

There are a number of benefits to stacking firewood in a circle, including:

More Stability

Stacking firewood in a circle is an efficient way of creating a stable and secure structure that will keep your wood dry and protected from pests.

It won’t require additional anchor points, unlike a square-shaped stack, therefore minimizing the build time and materials needed to safely store the wood for future use.

This method also makes it easier to reach all pieces of wood as there is no back corner and no pieces falling over the sides. The circumference of the circle also provides balance and more pieces can be fitted on top of the pile.

Saves Space and Time

A primary benefit of stacking your firewood in a circle is that it allows you to save both space and time. By creating a neatly stacked pile in the center of your yard, rather than having logs scattered all over the place, you can keep everything far more organized and efficient.

When it comes time to start building your fire, all of your pieces will already be close at hand and easily accessible.

Built-in Tarp

The last layer of wood can be laid down carefully on top of the tarp to shed off any water that may accumulate, meaning that your wood supply is always dry and ready for burning.

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Not only does this method protect your firewood from rain or snow, but it also prevents termites and other pests from establishing their homes inside the logs.

Keeps Your Wood Dry and Ready To Burn

Another upside to this technique is that it helps keep your wood dry and ready to burn. When logs are left exposed to rain and moisture they become soggy and difficult to light – not ideal when you just want to relax around a campfire.

With circular stacking methods, you can ensure that each piece remains dry by layering them with other logs as if they were roof tiles, which helps enhance air circulation throughout the entire pile.

This also helps protect against insect infestations and other pests that can damage or infest the wood over time.

Create an Attractive Display

Stacking firewood in circles also creates an attractive display – kind of like an outdoor sculpture.

If you want a bit of neighbor envy or to enhance the aesthetic of your yard, you can make a great impression by stacking your firewood into a perfectly circular shape.

Plus, if aesthetics are important to you then this technique gives off an attractive rustic look that’s sure to be admired by family and friends alike.

Final Thoughts

While stacking firewood in a circle may take a little longer to complete, the benefits it offers make it well worth the extra time and effort.

With just a few simple steps and some careful planning, anyone can create an efficient and attractive stack of firewood that will keep their wood dry and ready to use in the winter. Not only that, but it can also help save space and help to keep your wood dry. It will also be safe from pests, and ready for burning when you need it most.

Stacking your wood in a circle not only looks great, but it’s also an easy and effective way to keep your firewood in good condition throughout the season.