Key differences between the Chainsaw and Hedge trimmer

You may wonder what tool is best to keep your garden in perfect shape. There is a variety of tools that can be used to perform garden tasks. The two most common tools used are the chainsaw and hedge trimmer.

If you haven’t made use of either of them before, you may be a bit confused. They both have bars, look similar and it might get tricky trying to determine which is better for a specific task.

You must use the appropriate tool if you desire the best results from your work. This article will inform you of the major differences between the chainsaw and hedge trimmer to help you always make the right choice when torn between the two.


A chainsaw is an essential outdoor garden tool with a rotating chain and bar. It has teeth that are connected to a rotating chain that drives on a bar. The rotating chain has small blades that promote a streamlined cutting action. The chainsaw operates on a bar and chain combination design. It can either be powered by gasoline, electricity or battery.

Hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer is also a gardening tool. It has a bar with blades that move back and forth just like the chainsaw.



Therefore, it can cut everything that fits into the notches or indentations of the bar. The hedge trimmer performs functions similar to that of a garden shear but does it faster and in a more efficient way. The hedge trimmer is also called a shrub trimmer or bush trimmer.

Another feature of this garden tool is that just like the chainsaw, it can be powered by electricity, battery, or gasoline.

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Major Differences between the chainsaw and the hedge trimmer

Are you wondering if your chainsaw can effectively trim or cut down those shrubs in your yard? Do you have a hedge trimmer and in doubt about how to use it?

Well, let’s look at the major differences between these two tools.


The chainsaw is mainly used for chopping large trees, branches and for cutting hard materials. On the other hand, hedge trimmers are designed for shaping shrubs and pruning hedges. A hedge trimmer does its work by cutting off the ends of small branches while a chainsaw pushes the branches aside instead of cutting them.

If you need to trim those hedges in your yard and you have no other alternative, you can make use of the chainsaw. However, bear in mind that you aren’t going to get clean-cut hedges. On the other hand, if you need to get some trees cut down, a chainsaw would be perfect for that. You can as well make use of a hedge trimmer but be ready to spend hours while you’re at it.

Weight and Blade Size

When it comes to weight, the chainsaw beats the hedge trimmer hands down as it weighs significantly more with broad blades while the hedge trimmer has thinner blades. This is the major reason why the hedge trimmer can give precise cuts along trimmed edges.

If you own a garden, you would most likely do more trimming and pruning of shrubs. If this is the case, then going for a chainsaw will not be the ideal choice as you can just decide to choose a hedge trimmer?

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When compared to a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw can leave a bigger dent in your pockets. So if you won’t be doing frequent and heavy-duty tasks, then a hedge trimmer is all you need.


Taking good care of your gardening tools is very important, especially as you paid good money for them. Most garden tools have similar maintenance routines but some of them require a special maintenance routine.

Although they both require your diligence, the chainsaw maintenance is more complicated when compared to the hedge trimmer.



You can maintain the hedge trimmer by routinely cleaning and sharpening the blades. This is to ensure the blades are always sharp for cutting. On the other hand, if you want to maintain your chainsaw, then you need to regularly clean the bar, change the oil and sharpen the blade.

In essence, the chainsaw requires more than just getting the blades sharpened.

Risks Associated With Use

As with every heavy maintenance gardening tool, there are often some associated risks with usage. However, the hedge trimmer is far less risky when compared to the chainsaw.

Be sure to watch out for “kickbacks” when making use of the chainsaw. This happens when the chain catches on wood without cutting through. The “kickbacks” would cause the bar with its mobile chain to fling towards the operator. This is a common accident that occurs with the use of a chainsaw.

Hedge trimmer users are safe from this hazard as hedge trimmers are not associated with “kickbacks”.

Noise Pollution

If you’re trimming with the hedge trimmer, then you’re free from this menace as it performs its function quietly. On the other hand, the chainsaw is very noisy and you have to endure the loud sound while you work. You can only achieve quiet gardening with the hedge trimmer.

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Technical Know-How

The chainsaw is a powerful and complicated tool that requires expertise and technical know-how to operate effectively. You can’t use this tool for some jobs without proper supervision or with someone else to assist in case things go south.

On the other hand, the hedge trimmer doesn’t require much expertise. You can use the hedge trimmer for home gardening and it’ll be very efficient since you don’t have to learn a lot of new stuff before you begin using it.

A hedge trimmer is way lighter and more portable to carry. So it is more convenient to use than the chainsaw. It’s a simple tool to use with ease if you want to trim or prune. In general, it’s a handy tool that doesn’t require so much effort and stress to use.

So, to get the best results out of your work, you must make use of the right tool. From the differences mentioned above, I’m sure you must have gotten a little insight into the best tool to use for any task you may have.

In conclusion, chainsaws come in handy when you have tasks to complete like cutting or felling trees or pruning limbs. They are powerful tools that can cut through almost anything, including hedges of shrubs.

However, you may face a problem if you attempt to use a chainsaw to trim hedges.

Here’s why:

Hedges have small branches, so using a chainsaw (which works with great force) to cut through and trim them is not advisable. Instead, go with a hedge trimmer and ensure the mess in your garden is well taken care of.

I hope you make the best gardening choices now that you know the key differences between the chainsaw and the hedge trimmer.