How to Use a Chainsaw to Cut Logs Lengthwise

For woodwork enthusiasts, working with wood has to be one of the most fulfilling things. Cutting a log can be quite challenging, but I’m sure we can all admit that cutting logs in a lengthwise manner is the most challenging. You’ll need a lot of research and practice to grasp this kind of technique and the best way to implement it.

At first, beginners might find this difficult to execute. They might not cut the correct way and therefore mess things up. However, with the help of this article, consistent practice and the right chainsaw, beginners will gain experience and subsequently know how to cut logs in any shape or size they want.


Why would anyone need to cut logs lengthwise?

As per this question, there are a couple of reasons why one would use a chainsaw to cut logs lengthwise. The first of these reasons is making use of the logs to erect sheds, benches, furniture, fence posts, etc. The second being building other buildings. If you reside in a remote location where lumber cannot be easily accessed, then the chainsaw mill is definitely a great investment due to the fact that they’re not expensive.


Things you will need

To make sure you get a solid product when you’re done, there are a handful of things to consider:

  • A long-bladed and strong chainsaw will be needed for the logs. However, it should be noted that when working with logs, it is advisable to raise them slightly off the ground so as to prevent having to cut through the ground.
  • Cut vertically to prevent messy shapes. Also, try not to cut through angles.
  • For lines, you intend cutting, utilize the top part of the shallow groove.
  • Ensure to get a sufficient amount of fuel that will be enough for the duration of the task. Make sure you get it before cutting begins so as not to create any mechanical problems.
  • For this work, safety is incredibly pertinent. Therefore, the most appropriate safety gear needs to be worn to ensure damage to body parts is prevented. However, even with the safety gear, woodworkers will have to be cautious when operating the machine. They also need to follow precautions which include:
  • Making use of earmuffs to ensure that the ear is protected from any loud noise.
  • Protective clothes like overalls, boots and gloves.
  • An extra person to monitor the process and also in the event of emergencies.
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With this, we can now commence cutting the log. It is highly recommended that you follow the steps provided here.

Step One

Build a wood post that is 4×4 on the floor and ensure that it is straight. This is meant to help in controlling your chainsaw. Following this, create a stand meant for clamping your chainsaw. When cutting your wood, ensure that it is placed near the post. Guide the chainsaw close to the markings. You can also decide to provide the log with support so it doesn’t tip over.


Step Two

Place the bolt on top of the log (during this point, particularly for beginners, it needs to be free of crust). Use a plane to tick the ends of the bolt, thereby marking the cross-section and scabbard. Mark the parts of the log you want to cut with ink. Using the projected rope’s angle, create a bolt at the end of the actual bolt. This becomes the line that you cut. After this, remove the circle plate to detach the screw.


Step Three

For this stage, get ready to cut. Here, you’ll need to determine exactly what you need from the installed hook. This is because it can only properly function when it comes to large wood. If you need particular shapes, you have to determine its size. I think it’s appropriate to warn you not to try cutting anything smaller than 30mm. It will not be feasible. After you’ve made a decision as to the cut’s size and shape, mark it on your board. You can then begin cutting.

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Step Four

Before cutting commences, it is advisable to be equipped with a big saw (1 meter minimum). This is because the effectiveness of a chainsaw largely depends on its size. You need to keep the chainsaw firmly in your front – with your hands completely extended. If you’re not able to do this without any hardship, it signifies that you aren’t strong enough to effectively or safely implement this job.

Put the saw at the cant hook’s end (which is situated between the previously broken kerf lines). The wood and the hanging end of the hook is lengthened due to this. However, some prefer to cut towards the markings on the wood, while others prefer to cut to the end. Even though the latter is more accurate, it is very risky.


Step Five

During this stage, some logs should be ready to mill. However, there is something a lot of people tend to forget – even the experienced ones. Ensure that you don’t leave the logs together until they’ve been cut. Instead, with the help of some relish, place them at both ends. Then, proceed to clean them.



With the steps mentioned above, one can now effectively cut logs lengthwise with the help of a chainsaw. Ensure that all the instructions are adhered to – especially the ones regarding safety.