How Good are Battery Powered Chainsaws? Are They Safer?

One of the most outstanding features of battery-powered cordless chainsaws is its quiet nature. These chainsaws are silent machines, among other categories of chainsaws. It is softer in sound than the noisy gas-powered chainsaw even when zipping through the wood.

This silent chainsaw possesses some outstanding features that make it safer than other chainsaws, one of these features is that when its motor isn’t running at all, you can move between areas of cut.

Research has shown over the years that many chainsaw customers have ceaseless questions on why they should use the battery-powered chainsaw.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Battery Powered Chainsaw

There are several reasons why the battery-powered chainsaw is safer than the electric and gasoline chainsaws. Most come with unique features like an automatic oiling system, free chain tensioning, brushless motors, extended battery life, chargers included that can be swapped between other power tools of the same brand.

Some of the other reasons are listed below:

  1. Absence Of a Power Cord: The first noticeable feature of the battery-powered chainsaw is that it is cordless; it does not need a power cord to operate. This helps to reduce the risk of electric shock, which is more possible with electric chainsaws. One of the key features of battery chainsaws is that it saves you the hassle of reeling the cord before and after use.
  2. No Exhaust: One of the major setbacks of the gas chainsaws is that it emits exhausted fumes while operating it, which is harmful to the operator. Handling and breathing in toxic exhaust fumes while working with chainsaws can be detrimental to the user and also to the environment. But this is not an issue to worry about when it comes to a battery-powered chainsaw. Most exhaust fumes contain deadly carbon monoxide, but using battery chainsaws helps to eliminate this.
  3. Its Lightweight Nature: Most battery-powered chainsaws are more lightweight than their gas chainsaw counterparts. This contributes to its improved portability. It also saves the operator from having weakness or fatigue of the arm during or after use.
  4. Low Engine Maintenance: The engine on gas-powered chainsaws usually requires maintenance over the period of the year than can be expensive. Maintaining a battery-powered chainsaw model is much easier – all you need do is follow the standard approach, such as keeping your tool clean, sharpening the blades often, etc.
  5. Safety When Up High: The battery-powered chainsaw is safer to use when cutting down tall trees. Best case scenario, you are upon a high tree cutting a branch, but you have to say something to your workman on the ground. In such a situation, your first thought is to turn off the saw so that your workman can hear you, and that means you have to pull – restart the engine at height, which is very dangerous. But the battery-powered chainsaw presents a safer means, which involves putting off your chainsaw, and switching it back on as soon as you are down relating with your colleagues.
  6. Less Manpower Required: For beginners who are inexperienced with a chainsaw, it will be dangerous to purchase a gasoline chainsaw; it is safer to buy a battery-powered chainsaw. The gasoline chainsaw requires much strength to operate because of its large nature. Operating the gasoline chainsaw effectively and safely needs a good deal of upper body strength and practice, while the battery chainsaw model requires very little of your strength to operate. A gas chainsaw may give a new user too steep a learning curve, which is not common with the battery-powered chainsaw.
  7. No Mixture Of Fuel: It is quite evident that battery-powered chainsaw need not fuel to operate, so any incident associated with fuel mixture is adverted.
  8. No Fuel Casualty: Fueling up a gas chainsaw can be intimidating to many people. Wielding a container of gasoline and pouring it into a powerful tool like the chainsaw can put many individuals on the edge if they are not seasonal power tool connoisseur. This is not a factor to the battery chainsaw; all that is needed is to charge your battery to 100%. Turn on the trigger, and when you are done working, turn it off – always charge your battery because it is detrimental to work with a low battery, and if your battery is damaged, get a new one suitable for your chainsaw.
  9. No Pollution: There are three prevalent pollutions accustomed to a chainsaw, noise, air, and environmental pollution. With the battery chainsaw, the noise pollution is eliminated because it is a silent working machine, which means one can use the chainsaw without disturbing the neighbors with the sound of your machine. Secondly, battery chainsaw does not emit poisonous and toxic exhaust fumes because they don’t have exhaust, and they don’t use or burn fuel. As gasoline chainsaw burns fuel while being used, they emit toxic fumes, which is harmful to the operator who breathes this in as he works and also pollutes the environment. But the battery chainsaw provides a safer package because it eliminates fuel. The battery-powered chainsaws are great for versatility and control. As an average homeowner who needs a range of light to medium work done using a chainsaw, the battery-powered chainsaw is the best option to consider.
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Conclusion: The bottom line is that battery-powered chainsaw offers its users less noise and more convenience.