How to Clean a Rusty Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaws are used for cutting wood and often get very dirty with sap, dirt, and other debris. There is also the issue of rust that accumulates on the chain when it’s not cleaned regularly. So what is the best way to clean a chainsaw chain and chainsaw blade so they’re ready for another day of hard work in no time?

Chainsaws need to be cleaned and lubricated often so that the machine continues running smoothly. A dirty chain will cause the chainsaw blade to wear out quickly and may stop working entirely if oil is not added when needed.

Rust on your chainsaw will not only cause damage to the teeth, blade, and chain links of your saw; it will also decrease its power output by up to half! This makes an already expensive purchase even worse – especially if you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars for that new shiny toy in hopes that would keep working well into the future!

Now imagine having accumulated all these problems with no money left over for maintenance. It’s time we take action before any further issues arise so our beloved blades don’t end up rusty beyond repair.

One way of cleaning a rusty chainsaw chain is by using a type of degreaser on it while it is still attached to the chainsaw bar.

How to Clean a Chainsaw

For a more in-depth way of cleaning your chainsaw, follow the steps below.

Step 1

First, make sure that the base of your chainsaw is secured to a stable workbench in an upright position. Make sure you have removed any connected battery or gas from it if applicable and made sure there’s no fuel left inside your tank before beginning.

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Once these steps are completed, place the chain guard over the top of your blade so not only do you know where it should be but also provide added safety against injury while using this powerful machine with care as well!

Step 2

To make sure the anti-kickback chain brake is disengaged, you will need to use a wrench on the nuts that are located on each side of the bar. This will separate it from your powerhead and allow for easy removal.

Step 3

The best way to clean a bar is by using a good chainsaw degreaser mixed with warm water.

Once soaked with the solution use a rag to remove all dust and grease that has collected on them over time – don’t forget about those oiler holes too because they can get clogged up as well.

The chainsaw degreaser should be sprayed onto one side at a time, then wiped off with an old rag before spraying more degreaser onto the next side until both sides have been soaked with cleaner.

If there is stubborn grime in oiler holes that seem impossible to reach by hand then it’s best to grab a can of compressed air and blast away!

Step 4

You will need to soak the chain links in warm water and degreaser for 20 – 30 minutes. It is important that you use a fast-acting degreaser as this will make cleanup much easier.

If you can’t lay your hands on such products, then soap mixed with hot water should also work (although it might be slower).

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After soaking the chain for about 20 minutes, remove any dirt using either a wire brush or steel wool until all of the grime has been removed from every link on your chainsaw chain – repeat several times if necessary.

Finally, wipe down each chain link one more time with a paper towel just in case anything was missed before hanging up to dry overnight.

Step 5

For a smooth and efficient chainsaw, use a good chainsaw lubricant to oil the chain before putting it back on. To keep your guide bar clean wipe off any excess residue after you reattach the chain.

This will protect your chainsaw machine from rusting or any other damage that can occur if not properly cleaned after use.

So, remove all of the excess residue off by wiping what’s left over before attaching it again in place securely onto the guide bar for best performance!

Final thoughts

If you dread the idea of cleaning your chainsaw chain, then you are not alone. Learning how to clean a chainsaw properly is an important part of keeping your chainsaw in top condition. Without regular maintenance, your chainsaw can start to wear down and create a larger mess than when you first started.

Fortunately, chainsaw cleaning doesn’t need to be a complex process. All you need are the right tools and some basic knowledge of how to use them.

Hopefully, with this handy guide on how to clean a rusty chainsaw chain, you’ll learn to love this job!