Is Black Walnut Wood Good Firewood? (2024)

Black walnut is a type of firewood that has been gaining popularity due to its high heat output. The wood has an efficient burn time but requires regular tending in order to keep the flames going strong.

Black walnut trees are common throughout North America, making it easy for you to find this type of firewood.

Is Black Walnut Wood Good Firewood?

Let’s take a look at why black walnut is good for burning and how you can use it to get the most out of your next campfire or outdoor fireplace session.

A lot of hardwoods have highly efficient burn times, but black walnuts are particularly popular because they’re so widely available across North America. This makes them super accessible and affordable as well.

Characteristics of Black walnut firewood

Black walnuts have a very long burn time, making them an ideal choice if you’re going to be burning the fire all night, or you just want to cut down on how often you need to add wood.

The wood itself is also incredibly easy to split and work with, making it a dream to stack and move around.

Black walnut is dense and has a lot of energy stored up in it, which means you can expect your woodpile to last even longer than usual when you switch things up. Some people say that they actually use less wood overall when they start using black walnuts due to this increased efficiency.

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In addition to the amazing heat output from these logs, you’ll also find that they actually burn cleaner than most other types of wood out there.

The emissions are significantly lower, making it a great choice for anyone who is extremely sensitive to dangerous toxins and wants firewood with a low carbon footprint.

The distinctive color of black walnut is also really nice to look at, which can add an extra touch of beauty to your campsite or fireplace.

No matter whether you’re planning on lighting up a cooking fire or just hanging out around the campfire for an evening, these logs will be sure to warm you up and keep the cold at bay.

Is it safe to burn black walnut in a fireplace?

Now that you know all about why black walnuts burn hotter and cleaner than other types of firewood, is it okay to use this type in your fireplace?

As long as you keep a close eye on the flame and make sure it’s burning consistently, there should be no problems at all with using black walnut wood in your fireplace.

In fact, you can even burn it on your wood stove if you prefer.

It’s always a good idea to check what types of firewood are legal and safe for you to use where you live. In some instances, you may need to get a permit or license before using black walnut in your fireplace if there is a chance that it could spread.

If you’re using this firewood in a home fireplace then there shouldn’t be any problems at all, but if you’re planning on using it in an outdoor fire pit, check first to make sure everything is okay.

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How long does it take for black walnut wood to season?

Black walnut trees are a popular choice for firewood because they have a high heat value and long burn time. However, the process of seasoning black walnut wood is different from other types of hardwoods.

Black walnut firewood usually needs between 1 to 2 years to season properly. While many seasoned firewood logs are ready to burn in just a few months, it can take longer with black walnut.

The wood will take about 3 or 6 months to air dry as long as it is no bigger than 1″ thick.

This is because the wood cells have a higher moisture content than regular hardwoods, which means that the seasoning process has to be slow and gradual

If you try lighting up green black walnuts in your fireplace, you’ll find that the wood struggles to burn properly. This will result in an unpleasant smell and potentially dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home or campsite.

It’s always best to let any type of firewood season for at least six months before burning it in your wood stove or fireplace to allow it to dry completely. But with black walnut species with higher moisture content, you may even need to wait up to two years.

Properly seasoning your firewood can save you a lot of trouble later on, so finding the time to do it is well worth it.

As long as you take your time with the process and don’t try using black walnut before it’s ready, there should be no problems at all.

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Does black walnut make good firewood?

Black walnut is good firewood because it is hardwood that burns slowly and produces plenty of heat.

Black walnuts have a number of great properties that make them highly desirable for firewood logs, including:

  • High heat value
  • Long burn time
  • Low smoke and emissions

When compared to other types of firewood, black walnuts really do burn hotter and cleaner, while having a longer burn time.

This means that they are also better for cooking fires or anything else you might need to use firewood logs for.

Black walnut wood is also very dense which makes it an excellent choice since it will last longer than most other firewood types.