Beech Tree Firewood

Beech tree wood is one of the most popular types of firewood and for good reason. It’s easy to find, burns hot and long with minimal smoke or odor, and it’s one of the least expensive varieties on the market.

Beech tree firewood is an excellent option for many reasons. One of the most notable appeals to beech wood is that it offers a nice, even heat. If you are looking for something to keep your home warm this winter without all the hassle of tending a fire every day, then beech tree firewood should definitely be on your list.

Beech trees grow in many climates and offer longer burning times than other types of woods like pine or fir.

Beech trees grow in almost every region in North America including Alaska and Hawaii, making beech a reliable source of quality firewood year-round.  

The bark is light brownish gray with patches that are reddish-brown; leaves are alternate, simple ovate shaped; fruit is a small nut with an edible kernel inside.

One pound of beech tree produces about 1/2 gallon worth of fuel which translates into approximately 6 hours worth of heat when burned alone.

Beech is a durable wood and can stand up to higher temperatures than most varieties of firewood

Do beech logs burn well?

Beech burns cleaner and hotter than other softwoods like pine or fir, making it a more desirable option for heating your home this winter season.

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Beech logs burn well, produce little ash, and have a pleasant smell. Beech is also resistant to rot and can last up to six years before needing replacement.

Beech is an economical choice for your next fire or wood-burning fireplace. It produces consistent heat, burns cleanly and doesn’t crack, warp or split like some other hardwoods.

It’s easy to identify beech logs because they have distinctive bark that looks like an oak tree, but the leaves are more similar to those on maple trees.

Beech logs burn for about three hours on average and can produce some nice coals with a good bed of ash. If you want your fire to last longer than three hours, try burning pine or fir wood instead because their sap content makes them burn faster than beech logs.

Beech logs are commonly used in log-burning stoves, fireplaces, and outdoor furnaces. It is also easy to find, relatively inexpensive and a wonderful choice for heating your home this winter.

What is beech like as a firewood?

Beech is great firewood to use for your fireplace or stove. This wood has a high heat output and burns hot, so it’s perfect if you want to warm up quickly during the winter months.

It also gives off very little smoke, which means you can have a fire going without getting all of the soot on your walls and furniture.

The only downside is that beech doesn’t last as long as other woods do – even though it burns well from start to finish, it won’t burn for more than a maximum of about six hours before needing another load put in the fireplace.

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That makes this type of wood best used when you’re having friends over or staying home by yourself rather than using it throughout the entire winter season.

Beech Tree Firewood BTU

Beech is excellent firewood that’s enjoyable to use.

Seasoned Beech wood burns at 27 million BTUs per cord of wood. This wood has a high heat output, is easy to find, and reasonably priced, plus it produces little smoke or odor which is ideal if you want something that won’t leave your home smelling like smoke

Beech also produces a nice fragrance. This wood is a popular choice for firewood because it generates a nice bed of coals and leaves behind very little ash.

When you choose beech to burn in your fireplace, you’ll enjoy the fact that this wood doesn’t produce much smoke or sparks, plus it has an aroma that will scent your home while it’s burning.

The primary disadvantage of beech firewood is that it doesn’t produce as much heat as some other varieties of wood do.