10 Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

Do you have a handful of trees on your farm? Or the beautiful garden in your yard is due for pruning? Then, a chainsaw is what you need. Also, if you have a wood-burning stove and in need to harvest trees from your farm to use as firewood, a chainsaw is a must-have tool.

Research has shown that chainsaws come in different sizes and have numerous features to consider, which can become tricky, especially when picking the perfect model for your task. The purpose of this post is to help eradicate any confusion when finding an ideal chainsaw for the impending task.

With the invention of chainsaws, other developments have been introduced: powerful batteries and lighter material. Owning a chainsaw requires extreme care because it can be intimidating, and they can also pose a potential danger in the wrong hands.

Luckily, today we have a range of diverse tools to aid us with our cutting needs, unlike our ancestors, who weren’t so fortunate to see the invention of mechanical technology. If you are considering what type of chainsaw to purchase, then this article will guide you.

If you have never purchased a chainsaw and you are looking to make your first purchase, there are ranges of options available for your selection.

When deliberating on the most appropriate chainsaw for your requirement there are a few essential factors you need to consider, and these factors are highlighted below;


Factors To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

Firstly, consider the purpose. What do I need a chainsaw for? Asking this question is very important because it helps you narrow down the type of chainsaw you purchase.

  1. The Working Space

  • If you need a chainsaw for pruning and light trimming your garden, then what you need is an electric chainsaw; it is the best choice for such a job type.
  • If you are looking to cut down, medium-large size trees or de-limb large branches in a wood infested area, then the most competent chainsaw is the Gas-powered saw. Picking the right chainsaw has its perk, so try not to ignore this tip.
  • For yards with restricted spaces and small bushes, a cordless electronic chainsaw is the best fit for these such environs.
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Saw Tips: Using a heavy gas-fueled chainsaw within a confined area can be dangerous.

Buying A Chainsaw

  1. The Motor Sizes

  • Another factor to consider when purchasing a chainsaw is the Capacity of the engine or the motor size. The engine sizes of chainsaws differ. (From the gasoline-powered saw to the electric cord/cordless saw) The engine of a chainsaw can be measured in Cubic Centimeters, which is quite simple; the more the cc, the more power it generates. The engine size of chainsaws ranges from 23cc to 120cc. However, most homeowners should consider going for sizes between 30cc and 45cc.
  • Electric chainsaw motor power measurement is quite different from the gasoline saw engine. The electric chainsaw engine is measured in Amps, while most present battery-powered saws make use of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries are built with a life span of two to three years; even if they are seldomly used, they are designed to depreciate after three years.

Saw Tip: it is better to recharge your battery frequently, rather than using it until it hits the zero mark.


  1. The Weight And Size Of A Chainsaw

  • This is as well another crucial factor. It is the key to buying quality chainsaws. It is commonly believed that the more powerful and long a chain bar is, the heavier and bulkier the chainsaw will be.
  • When considering the size of logs, you might want to cut it, but you should ensure that the guide bar is about 1 – 2 inches for a more effective and neat job.

Saw Tips: when wood carving, it is best to purchase a lightweight saw – this prevents the user from suffering weakness and tiredness of the arm.

Instead, look for a saw with a more ergonomic pattern to do easy small jobs and also save time.


  1. The Starting Mechanism

  • First and foremost, you must keep in mind that some chainsaws are a bit herculean, especially when putting them on. Such saws can make the user miserable and tired because while struggling to start the saw, time and manpower are wasted. This could also make you lose interest, but on the brighter side of the story, a saw that starts with the first pull is a real pleasure and joy to the user, and this would make the job bearable.
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Saw Tips: the electric chainsaw comes with a high level of reliability and is very easy to start.

Also, there are no special techniques or procedures for starting a chainsaw so long as you have plugged in, or your battery is fully charged and connected to your saw. All you need do is put your finger on the throttle, and immediately it starts running.

  • Gas chainsaw on the flip side have proven to start with ease and without struggle, but that is not always the case. Chainsaw engineers did understand this fact and have been making some creative innovation to make gas sales easier for users worldwide.

10 Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

  1. The Chain Bar/Guide Bar

  • The chain bar is a metal component that extends from the chainsaw body and allows the chain to move very quickly when rotating as the engine pulls the chain over the sprocket. The chain bar guides the cutting teeth on the saw and presents rigid support allowing pressure to be applied when resistance occurs while cutting wood.


  1. The Tension System

  • This should be considered regardless of the model you want to purchase. Note that the chain isn’t going to maintain tension on the guide bar forever. Therefore all chainsaw presents a way for you to adjust the tension. The procedure doesn’t take much time; this can be done between 10 – 15 minutes, depending on the saw type.


Identify The Power Source Of The Chainsaw.

There are three major sources of power for a chainsaw;

  • Gas Powered
  • Corded / Cordless electric
  • Battery Powered


  1. The Safety System

  • You also check for chainsaw safety, which is known as the Chain brake. This is an essential key to best at heart. The chain brake is a plastic handguard at the front of the chainsaw body. It is manually activated by the hand when pulling the component back, or it can also be done automatically when the saw is rapidly jerked up; this act is also known as an “Inertia Activation.”
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This feature will stop the chain from moving almost instantly to help reduce or prevent any damage to the user.

  • You should also look out for chain stoppers or catchers, the chainsaw is a dangerous device that can cause fatal injuries, though they have impressive cutting power. Due to this reason, chainsaw designers are expected to add numerous components to reduce or prevent the inevitable risk that comes with using a chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw stopper or catcher is a plastic or metal guard invented to intercept a derailed or broken chain. Since the year 1995, all chainsaws are designed to have a chain brake, which stops the chain from any sudden movement. Although the chain brake cannot stop the chain from hitting the operator and also prevent it from rotating as it hits the operator.

10 Things To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

  1. Think about The Kickback

  • Kick back is a very dangerous perceptible that can take place while using the chain. Some models of this chainsaw have characteristics and add-on that can help impair this.


  1. Inspect The Vibration Reduction

  • As stated above, do this before purchase. Usually, chainsaw intensively vibrates upon usage even when they are properly lubricated. Excessive vibration can lead to discomfort and can cause numerous injuries to the operator – hand-arm vibration syndrome and also cause white finger.

Saw Note: these days, chainsaw manufacturers separate the actual cutting portion of the device from the handle and control using a mounting system.


  1. Consider The Brand

  • Lastly, the brand of chainsaws should not be neglected while shopping. The brand of the chainsaw solely depends on how much you are willing to spend. The higher the quality of a chainsaw, the more expensive the saw will be.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a professional or a homeowner, if you intend to get a durable chainsaw from one of the leading brands worldwide, the Stihl and Husqvarna chain is the best choice.

There are also conventional chainsaws of low-cost budget, which include brands like:

  • Echo Chainsaws
  • McCulloch Chainsaws
  • Poulan Chainsaws

Well, with everything discussed so far, you are in for a chainsaw hunting! Good luck and happy shopping.